Murphy Beds/Panel Beds

Many Murphy bed styles have emerged since John Murphy invented them in the late 1800’s – the most popular style being the panel bed. It is a great example of balancing beauty and function while efficiently using space.....


Home Offices

Your home office does not have to be your kitchen table. Solutions can be created in any configuration with a variety of options like file drawers, keyboard trays, under cabinet lighting, crown molding, storage cubbies, flip down tops and corner knee spaces.

Combination Units

Did you know that a queen size bed takes up almost 35 square feet of floor space? Since most guest rooms get 2 to 3 visitors a year, it makes smart sense that the most popular way to maximize space is to combine your guest room with a home office...

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We can also help you get organized in other areas of your home like the laundry room,  and mudroom. Entertainment centers, book shelves and storage units can be added to any room to reduce the clutter and increase its functionality.

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We have a mission to help you become more comfortable in your home by using cabinetry in creative ways. Whether your desire is to get more function out of a room, get organized, maximize your space, beautify a space or a solution that is a balance of all these things – we can create a cabinetry solution for you.

"We had our first guest a couple of weeks ago… She said she can’t remember when she had slept so well.”